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Relativity of Reality

By Dr Paraskev, ‘   excerpt from his E-book, God Consciousness; email for your copy.   I. Reality :       Present day physics regard the Universe as a one whole Energy Field ( EF ) . No matter how we name this energy – electro-magnetic, light, sound, […]

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Acceptance – the Key to Turning Breakdown Into Breakthrough

Once in awhile most folks get to feeling that life is falling apart. Mine looked like a train wreck last month, one disaster after another.  At the bottom of it all was my son, 38, developmentally disabled and chronically angry, a tremendous drain on my energy and finances. I felt I […]

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Prayers and Mantras

I took a terrible fall some weeks ago as I was leaving a client and soon after, it began to feel as if the fall was about my manifesting a fall from grace.  Over the next few days, my life seemed to come crashing in on me […]

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Crop Circles, A Spiritual Interpretation

“CROP CIRCLES”  ALPHABET Now, when the Crop Circles are so popular and they could be seen by everybody, the time has come for everybody to understand what they are seeing. It is time for human to know the clear meaning of this message :

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Feed the Animals – for free

Hi, all you animal lovers. This is pretty simple… Please tell ten friends to tell ten today! The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected […]

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The Protective Power of Love

Invoking Divine Love when we are afraid is perhaps the most powerful action we can take. Whether we feel attacked by others’ thoughts and feelings, or by spirits or aliens, calling for Love to be present in the moment will always serve to help you rebalance and […]

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Minding Our Mother

by Gina E. Jones Soon we will be celebrating another Mother’s Day.  This is something each one of us has in common. Everyone has a mother—that is how we got here, right?  Looking back to my own childhood, I remember the times when my mother nurtured me, […]

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Mom is Always Looking Our For Us

Happy Mother’s Day! When my son was young, I had the mistaken impression that at least by the age of 25, my job as Mom would be done… what did I know? As every Mom over the age of 50 will reluctantly admit, our job as Mom is never […]

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