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Psychic Blocks

 Why is that sometimes a good psychic just can’t make a good connection? While most good psychics are eventually able to break through and deliver a good reading, there are times when we just can’t read for a particular client. We ask ourselves: Why does that happen?, […]

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Colour Me Green

The connection between being psychic and going green  In honor of Earth Day 2008 When Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day in 1970, his intention was not only to raise awareness of the need to conserve. He dedicated a lot of energy to starting a grassroots movement that would […]

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A Look at Elves and Fairies.

By Paul Dale Roberts – HPI Elficologist & Fairyologist Yep!  I am snatching up two more titles to place under my belt.  Call me an Elficologist and a Fairyologist.  Because I am going to give you, the reader a fast history lesson on elves and fairies.  Have […]

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Pets See Spirits

 My mom died two years ago of cancer, and we have a cat who is very loving, and cuddled with her a lot while she was in her last stretch, well lately I’ve been getting a lot of signs from her, and my cat will stare up at the ceiling […]

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Moving On

Moving on, letting go of the past, is an issue for almost every human, whether we are alive or not.  Empaths and mediums prefer not to visit hospitals because their halls are so filled with lost souls trying to hang onto the past, begging folks to notice […]

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The Eight Horsemen of 2012 (The Apocalypse)

By Paul Dale Roberts, Futurologist The Mayans were an intelligent civilization that had advanced writing, knew mathematics and were well versed in astronomy.  Most people think that perhaps the world will end in 2012, because this is the prophesy of the Mayans.  The Mayans made this prediction […]

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2012, What’s All the Fuss About?

2012 is still almost 4 years away, but folks are already anxious. So many fear that it could be the end of times – but then, folks thought Y2K might be the end of times… You get my point.   Countless prophets – ancient and modern – have pointed to this […]

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Tools, Not Toys

Opening the psychic channels is easy compared to the effort that is ultimately required to keep the channels open, and even more importantly – to keep the channels clear. Meditation and prayer are certainly two of the most significant keys in  managing psychic energy, but perhaps even more relevant […]

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