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Opening the Psychic Channels

Psychic awakenings are exciting, energizing – and sometimes fearful. In order to move forward with our abilities, we are challenged to confront our fears.  Following the path to psychic development requires some real study, as well as deep inner work, even for those who are naturally gifted.  You can choose […]

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The Ceremony of 8,000 Sacred Drums

The International Indigenous University presents   The Ceremony of 8,000 Sacred Drums   10:00 a.m. PacificTime March 21, 2006 Otomi Ceremonial Center, Temoaya, Mexico According to a Sacred Prophecy revealed at the Otomi Ceremonial Center by the Otomi Elder Sages as a Vision of our Venerable Ancestors, […]

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When Pets Pass

We learn many lessons  from the animals around us, but one of the most difficult is letting go when one has passed. No matter the age or the circumstances, losing a beloved furry or feathered friend is is painful.  Still, we must go on loving…

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In Your Nots?

Every once in awhile I run into a client who just doesn’t want to believe that anything good could happen to them. They feel so victimized by the circumstances of their lives that they now believe that can’t attract anything good to them. Whether in love, career or money they […]

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Expanded Phone Services

Our New Answering Service Great news! We have expanded our phone services. Effective immediately our answering service will be able to forward your calls to a number of different psychics for an immediate reading, either by phone or chat. This is a personal service – there is […]

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Sensing Spirit’s Presence

 How do you know that a spirit is present? Many of you have wondered about how you can tell the difference between the times when your imagination is working overtime or you have had a real spirit visit. If you have a pet in your home and they start […]

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