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The Joy of Celebrating with a Little Home-Spun Ritual

Thanks especially to my Mother, holidays are meaningful, always special, not just because they often came with goodies and gifts, but because of the ritual that gave us a sense of family continuity and appreciation for the gift of celebration… Whether we were celebrating Christ’s birth, or […]

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Past Lives, Future Loves

Past Loves often reappear in present time, or as future loves. Those we have loved or have loved us in other lifetimes reappear because of the bonds of trust that were established a way back when. We tend to travel through lifetimes in groups, and to continue […]

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Inner Clearing

How often do you take out your garbage? Once a day, once a week? What if you never bothered to pick up the trash in your home or office, what if you let the garbage pile up until it was spilling out the front door? Even though […]

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On the Up Side

UpBeat Predictions for Difficult Times There’s no arguing the fact that the global economy is in deep doo-doo right now, and almost every individual on the planet is suffering in some way from the recent set-backs. However, the psychic and the optimist in me immediately noticed that […]

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More Psychics on the Planet?

In the late ’80’s, my guides foresaw the need for individuals to be available with answers as folks “awakened”. They told me that as we moved through this transformative cycle, more and more people would be awakening to their birthright, to their psychic and intuitive abilities, and […]

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Eco-Villages – Life in the Future

It doesn’t take being psychic to know that we must rethink out lifestyles to guarantee that our children’s children will be able to live comfortably on this planet. As a psychic, I am naturally inclined to live naturally as much as possible. And conservation of resources, actively […]

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Peacock Feathers – Superstition, or Not?

Superstitions are rarely founded on fact, but occasionally there is something to what seems like an irrational belief.  This visitor discovered that there is some truth to the stories about peacock feathers. Although Peacocks are honoured as good fortune and associated with royalty, glory and resurrection, their […]

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How to Be Fully Capacitated in Our Inclining Years

By Steve Bhaeman, Swami Beyondanada I just returned home after a busy “world win” tour to the northeast and midwest that had so many highlights that I couldn’t list them all in a short newsletter. One of the high points was a Course In Laughter weekend workshop […]

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Gold Rush Ghosts Saga: A Haunting in Arnold

This gives you a good idea of how a paranormal investigation is conducted, and what can happen… By Paul Dale Roberts, General Manager/Ghostwriter Nancy Bradley – Celebrity Psychic of Ghost Girls and Robert Reppert of Gold Rush Ghosts receive a phone call from Amy Lynn […]

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Why Do Ghosts Haunt a Place?

by Paul Dale Roberts, Ghost Girls Paranormal Investigator/Ghostwriter As a ghosthunter and paranormal investigator, I am often asked this question: “Why do ghosts linger around one location?” My answer: “Theory has it, that when a person dies, they may have been very religious, they see the light and […]

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