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Seeing and Hearing Angels

The angels are active in our lives every day, but most often we don’t recognize their communications. Or we are afraid to believe – or so awed-  that we could actually have been touched by an angel in some way. Yet, as these stories indicate, the angels […]

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Awakening is simple!

by Chris Fuentes Psychic power is amazing. One day, it may very well revolutionize living and impact the three pure sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) in a never before dreamed way. I find that today, however, psychic ability remains dormant in society. When I say “Dormant”, I don’t mean undeveloped. Some […]

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Family Genetics and Being Psychic

Certain abilities come to us through our genetic coding as much as through our past lives and soul experiences. In fact, some souls will choose a specific geneitic structure and then find the families that best meet them, in order to be born into a natural ability that […]

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What We Wear Matters – Vibrationally

Over the years, I’ve asked many clients to stop wearing so much black, or to lighten the dark hair around their faces, or to stop wearing a specific piece of jewelry. Why? Because the darkness around them was dampening their aura, or the jewelry was holding lower […]

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Is Reincarnation a Must?

I have had a very difficult life both physically and emotionally. I am not crying about it but enough is enough. Is reincarnation mandatory? Spiritualists are divided, some think it is and others not. Some Spiritualists do not believe in it at all. I have had three NDE’s and I much […]

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Saturn Returns

Every 28-30 years, Saturn returns to its natal position in our charts to give us a good shake.  This cycle can produce some very positive changes in our lives – if you are ready to move, willing to review and able to revise. The first Saturn Return, around the age of 30 […]

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