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A New Twist on an Old Scam

Some psychics lack integrity and will go to great lengths to separate you from your hard-earned cash… I’ve been seeing a psychic who has been making me suspicious. She tells me that the negativity that she removed from me has entered her body and now she has lymph node […]

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What About Computerized Readings?

What about the online tarot readings, generated by computer? Is there any validity to these readings at all? Zina, we can get clues and insights from a lot of places, so I think the computerized readings can at least give you some directional information… I believe that there […]

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Past Loves, Past Lives…

Past Loves Can Haunt Us  Most of us have had many different lifetimes on planet earth. Often a past life will bleed through in dreams or unusual experiences or encounters, for example, past life memories can account for that sense of instant knowing when we meet someone new.  […]

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Who do we see when we die?

One of the first times I saw who we see when we die was when a dear aunt was dieing. I was driving home from the hospital a week or so before she passed, praying and working the energy around her to do what I could to ease her […]

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Can the Dead See?

The veil between dimensions is thin at this time of year. Spirit life is more active here on planet earth and we get a lot more questions about life in spirit. One of the most interesting questions that comes up from time to time is: what can […]

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Pets and the Paranormal

 This is the time of year when the spirits are restless and will manifest whenever and wherever they can – even our pets are prone to scary paranormal experiences in this period. My husband and I rent an old farm house; it was built in 1900. We’ve […]

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