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Working With Ouija – Take Care

My girlfriend and I have been using ouija for a while now and  have enjoyed talking to the spirit world. Lately we must have contacted an  evil spirit or one who is trying to enter our world. The spirit tries to  count down letters and numbers but […]

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Astral Travelling for a Sexual Connection?

It is not so unusual as you might think to have a passionate encounter with spirit. In many cases, these experiences are attributed to astral travelling, two lovers connecting in the astral plane, when they can’t on the physical. Sometimes these experiences come as a forewarning of […]

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Empathy Can Be a Pain!

Being an empath can present some interesting challenges in life… and it can even hurt… It is uncomfortable for me to be near someone who has just had some physical injury or surgery..  my body cringes and reacts to the pain in the other person… if they’ve hurt their […]

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Kids and Their Imaginary Friends

 Ever since my son was old enough to jump up and down in his cot he would wake in the middle of the night giggling and laughing, chatting away. I could look in on him and he would be looking in a certain direction talking or smiling. This used to […]

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Feeling Spirits and Hearing Voices – From Within

Since I was a child, I have been able to sense things in a room. I also dream dreams that later happen. As I grow older, it seems my senses are running amok because I occasionally “hear” a voice, and this may sound strange, but it comes from an area […]

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Telepathy and Your Pets

 Friends and neighbours have always been a little surprised that my animals come when I call then, both the dog and the cats. When I trained my first cat some three or more decades go, I didn’t know that cats don’t usually respond to being called.  We lived […]

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Birds and Animals as Messengers

When birds and animals appear around you, especially when they behave in some odd manner as the ducks in this next story do, they are usually carrying a message for you. I keep Ted Andrew’s book Animal Speak as a handy reference near my desk to be […]

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