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This is the day we can all focus on joining the crystal grid that surrounds our planet.

This will be a very special day and it is one of great import on the Mayan calendar.  Check out the websites below for more info.

This youtube video is great to watch and listen to whilst doing the 9-9-9 meditation.  It is just over 10 minutes long and quite soothing.  I highly recommend it.,

Enjoy, Christopher

Nine is the ennead, the horizon.  A fascinating number. 
In the New Testament there are 9 qualities we should strive for:
Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentleness, Meekness, Self-Control,
Kindness, Faithfulness–the Fruit of the Spirit.
During the next 13 months (the number of Unity and Love in Hebrew)
find us manifesting this Fruit in a deeper and higher degree, preparing
us for the next ‘count’ of 10-10-10. Peace be unto you! Shalom, Paz, Salem
etc! ;o)  Teresa
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